Blogging on the Homestead

We are excited to start a blog for our Homestead!!

I thought it would be fun to describe the Homestead in this first post and share a few pictures.

We have just over 3 acres of land in Sheepscott Village (part of Newcastle), Maine.  There are two houses on the land; a Cottage-style home that we are planning to renovate and eventually have as a rental, and the Homestead itself, a Cape Cod style home that was built around 1765!!  There is an attached shed to the Homestead.  In addition to the houses there is also a good sized workshop and a small garden shed (aka our chicken coop!) on the property.

The Homestead was the first house built in Sheepscott Village.  It has the look of a Cape Cod style home but it is actually Medieval Style due to the age and the way it was built.  It is 2 stories with 2 bedrooms upstairs.  The downstairs has a kitchen and bathroom in an addition that was built on around 1850.  There is also a living room and dining room.  The basement is unfinished and has a unique history, itself!  The walls of the basement are field-stone.  Back in the mid 1700's Sheepscott Village and Alna (across the Sheepscott River) were very busy ports.  When ships came up the river they had field stones for weight (so they would not tip).  Once they got to the port the stones were discarded and the merchandise was loaded.  It was those discarded stones that were used as the foundation of the Homestead.  Some even have fossils on them!

The Homestead was once used as the Methodist Church (before the church next door was built), and later as the Parsonage.

In the mid-1800's the Homestead was purchased by the Carney family (Mark's mother's family) where they and their decedents have lived since.

The 3+ acres is mostly open land.  There is a lot of space for gardens and animals and we are in the planning stages of making this a self-sufficient property.  There are flowers, maple trees, berry bushes, rhubarb, and a couple of fruit trees on the land.  We desire to plant more fruit trees in the upper part of the field and have about 1/3 of the land be an orchard.

We are planning to offer the Cottage at 1765 as a rental.  This is a very new thing to us...opening up our Homestead, and ourselves, to the public, but we know that in order to maintain the simple lifestyle that we desire that we must start allowing the Homestead to produce an income for us.

We look forward to see where God guides us with this project!!

Here are some photos of the Homestead and surrounding areas: (Some photos were taken by our friend Shane Conant)



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