Homestead Happenings...Seed Starting and Maple Syrup

I am hoping to update this blog every other day or so with our Homestead Happenings.

We went out on Saturday to pick up some provisions.  We went to the local natural food store to get some bulk items we needed.  We also went to Ames True Value in Wiscasset for some garden soil and seeds.  Both places do pre-orders and they bring out to the car for us.

I saw on a Facebook post that Goranson Farm in Dresden has Grab-And-Go kits at their farmstand.  Bags and boxes of organic vegetables and an honor-box to leave money in.  We opted to take a drive up and get a $40 box.  I am a HUGE fan of Goranson Farm anyway and this option really was great - a way to get needed food, and to support a local farm.  Win/win!   Our box contained a bag of greens (not pictured below), carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celeriac, onions, beets, and turnips!  I see a nice stew in the near future!

Just look at all that wonderful food!

Planting Tomato seeds   
Sunday afternoon was a day of projects around here.  We boiled more sap (down to under 5 gallons of sap left - this last sap will be made into maple sugar).  Mark got a bunch of seeds planted: 100 Tomato, 25 Broccoli, 12 Butter Lettuce, 7 Cantaloupe, and 7 Watermelon.  We have much more to plant but are running low on planters - I need to order more today.
Sourdough starter

I also started a batch of Sourdough.  I'm hoping that it works!
Yesterday I made some homemade bird suet type blocks.  I used bacon grease as the base and added some economy bird seed, dried cranberries, peanuts and hulled sunflower seeds.  It is still very cold here in Maine and this will give the birds the energy they need.  We love birds - we have dozens of breeds visit our feeders every day.  Watching them and listening to their songs brings so much joy.

Mixing up the seeds and goodies    
I used small bread pans to make the shape

After I made them I put it out in my refrigerator in the shed to harden.  I will give one every few days to the birds.

The final project we did was finished off the syrup we have been boiling down.  We ended up getting 6 pints of syrup this year.  That's not bad from only 1 tree!  We have promised 4 pints to friends, which leaves 2 for us. That is enough as we still have 5 or 6 pints in the pantry from 2 years ago.

Since Mark is working from home due to the virus, we have decided to take this time as a trial run of Homesteading full-time.  When he is not working for his job, he is working here on the Homestead.  I believe that this year will be "our" year of really getting this place going.  I am very excited to see where we end up! 


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