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Homestead Happenings...Seed Starting and Maple Syrup

I am hoping to update this blog every other day or so with our Homestead Happenings. We went out on Saturday to pick up some provisions.  We went to the local natural food store to get some bulk items we needed.  We also went to Ames True Value in Wiscasset for some garden soil and seeds.  Both places do pre-orders and they bring out to the car for us. I saw on a Facebook post that Goranson Farm in Dresden has Grab-And-Go kits at their farmstand.  Bags and boxes of organic vegetables and an honor-box to leave money in.  We opted to take a drive up and get a $40 box.  I am a HUGE fan of Goranson Farm anyway and this option really was great - a way to get needed food, and to support a local farm.  Win/win!   Our box contained a bag of greens (not pictured below), carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celeriac, onions, beets, and turnips!  I see a nice stew in the near future! Just look at all that wonderful food! Planting Tomato seeds    Sunday afternoon was a day o

Blogging on the Homestead

We are excited to start a blog for our Homestead!! I thought it would be fun to describe the Homestead in this first post and share a few pictures. We have just over 3 acres of land in Sheepscott Village (part of Newcastle), Maine.  There are two houses on the land; a Cottage-style home that we are planning to renovate and eventually have as a rental, and the Homestead itself, a Cape Cod style home that was built around 1765!!  There is an attached shed to the Homestead.  In addition to the houses there is also a good sized workshop and a small garden shed (aka our chicken coop!) on the property. The Homestead was the first house built in Sheepscott Village.  It has the look of a Cape Cod style home but it is actually Medieval Style due to the age and the way it was built.  It is 2 stories with 2 bedrooms upstairs.  The downstairs has a kitchen and bathroom in an addition that was built on around 1850.  There is also a living room and dining room.  The basement is unfinished and