Sunday, February 4, 2018

Homestead happenings

It's been a fairly quiet winter so far.  We have lost power a few times and have been very thankful for our generator! 

Our girls started laying eggs last week!! The first couple days was 1-2 eggs a day but now we are up to 8-9 a day.  We will eventually get about 12-16 a day.  Organic free-range eggs!  The yolks are bright orange!!

We will soon have eggs for sale!!

We've been starting to talk about what to plant this year in the garden.  I would love to get enough to be self-sufficient (including extras to sell or trade for things we do not grow here, like meat!).

As much as I do not love the cold I do have to admit that I do love the peaceful, quiet nights in the winter!

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