Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wow I have been neglecting this blog!    Life has calmed down a bit so I am going to really try to get back to it more often.

My toe healed great from the millstone accident a few months ago.  Can not even tell anything happened by looking at it.  God was very gracious to me...I could have been very hurt from it.

Since my last post we have done a bit of work around the Homestead.  Mark got the chicken coop renovated (we had turned it back into a garden shed after Spot died, but with 16 'no longer baby' chickens we needed to put them in it).  The girls are happy in there!  Mark built a ladder-type perch for them to sleep on and put in 6 large nesting boxes (that way they can easily share...chickens have a tenancy to all try to use one or two boxes!).  The outside run is not done yet but with winter upon us the girls are not interested in being out much.  There is a temporary fenced area for them that  they can go out when the weather is good.

We had a traditional Thanksgiving here at the Homestead.  My brother and his family went to his in-laws.  My 'other brother' (who is actually a best friend but we are definitely siblings by love if not by DNA!), Turtle (nickname since high school!) came here as did my mom.  The past few years I have cooked prime rib for Thanksgiving but this year it was about $9 a pound and turkey was on sale at $0.39 a pound, so Turkey it was :)  It was a lovely day and my mom and her three dogs spent the night here.  We decorated the tree and watched Christmas movies.  It was a perfect day! :)

The past few days I have been doing my Christmas baking.  I had 12 people at Mark's work to make baskets for and I got those done last night (with Mark's help at the end packaging cookies in baggies).  I still have family and friends to make some for - 7 more baskets for them.  I'm starting on those today.

We got our first snow the other day - makes the Homestead feel like Christmas.  Thankful that it was a bit sticky as Mark used it to bank our house (pile it up around the edge to insulate the house). 

Here are some photos of the snow and a picture of my very non-traditional Christmas tree this year :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful December so far!!

Very non-traditional but very pretty

Standing on my back porch, looking at the cottage

Overlooking the back yard and field

I loved the snow on my clothes line!

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  1. The snow is so pretty, and so deep! We got just a little bit of snow in December, but it was still so neat to see!