Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Millstones and toes do not go together...

I had a small accident on the homestead the other day...

Mark, Jayson (a young man who is staying the cottage for a bit) and I were cleaning out the shed in preparation for a yard sale.  We were doing great and things were coming together.  I was tossing some cardboard into the corner and my foot hit a millstone we have laying around (that's the thing about having a farmhouse over 250 years old...there are some weird things laying around!).  Unfortunately it was up on its side and I hit it just hard enough to have it tip over...onto my foot...well, my big toe to be exact.  My big toe that was not at all protected since all I had on were sandals.

Our neighbor (Jay's grandmother) was an EMT until she retired, so she came down to take a look at it (both Mark and Jay were insisting that I go to the ER but I really did not want to).  She looked at it and told me a trip to the ER was not necessary, unless it did not stop bleeding.  Thankfully it stopped bleeding and I was able to save myself the trip (and the expense!) of an Emergency Room visit.

Very thankful that it was just a wound - the toe did not break and the millstone missed my toenail by a hair!

I did have to cancel my yard sale, but it was best to keep it elevated and let it heal.

It is healing great and doesn't hurt unless I step wrong or bump it (which seems to happen several times a day, unfortunately).

So...the lesson I learned is this: Do not wear open-toed shoes when doing things around the Homestead.  Tough way to learn a lesson, for sure!

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