Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mark is working on moving two maple saplings today.  We have two that have been growing in our front yard, fairly close to the foundation of the Homestead.  They are about 12-15 feet tall now and are strong enough to be moved.  They need to be moved so the roots do not break the foundation when they get bigger.  He has moved one so far and will be working on the other this afternoon.  We are excited to save the trees as they appear to be strong sugar maples and will eventually be able to be tapped for sap to turn into maple syrup.  We are hoping they survive the move and do not get shocked (which could kill the trees).

I listed the Homestead on Craigslist under Vacation Rentals today.  I'm excited to start this adventure - one of my dreams has been to own a Bed & Breakfast and this is even better!!

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